Exploring Arduino Serial Communication Beyond the Basics

We are not just focusing on Serial.read() and Serial.write() etc. We will try to look onto some advance, beyond the basics functions which you may need into your daily embedded system development life with Arduino. Arduino Serial communication is one of the basic thing that every beginner learn but still there are some features you …

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MicroPython getting started Guide

MicroPython is getting hype these days, due to the most advanced microcontrollers and development boards are now supporting the MicroPython. Especially the MicroPython support for ESP8266 and MicroPython for ESP32 board and now the modern Raspberry Pi Pico board is also supporting the MicroPython. Originally the MicroPython was designed for Pyboard which was specially designed …

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PWM in Arduino

Arduino Nano is a very good machine when it comes down to multitasking automation tasks. For many industrial designers, PWM is their main criterion when looking for a suitable automation platform. PWM stands for “Pulse width modulation”, which simply means that it is a type of signal that contains a range of possible frequencies. PWM …

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