100 IoT project ideas with ESP8266

In this post I am going to make a list of 100 projects which could be implemented with ESP8266 or ESP32 or Raspberry Pi Pico W. These are IoT based Projects.

  1. Home Automation System: Control lights, fans, and appliances remotely through the web dashboard.
  2. Weather Station: Read and display temperature, humidity, and other weather data using sensors.
  3. Smart Irrigation System: Monitor soil moisture and water your plants remotely.
  4. Security Camera System: Build a simple security camera using a microcontroller and stream footage to the web dashboard.
  5. Smart Door Lock: Create a web-controlled door locking system.
  6. Vehicle Tracking System: Track the location of a vehicle and display it on the dashboard.
  7. Pet Feeding System: Dispense food for your pets remotely through the web dashboard.
  8. Greenhouse Monitoring: Monitor temperature, humidity, and light levels in a greenhouse.
  9. Home Energy Monitor: Measure and display energy consumption in real-time.
  10. Smart Mirror: Create a mirror that displays information like time, weather, and notifications.
  11. Aquarium Controller: Control lighting, temperature, and feeding for an aquarium.
  12. Health Monitoring System: Measure and display vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure.
  13. Smart Thermostat: Control your home’s heating and cooling remotely.
  14. Smart Plant Watering System: Water your plants based on soil moisture levels.
  15. Automated Pet Toy: Create a robotic pet toy that can be controlled via the web dashboard.
  16. Garage Door Opener: Open and close your garage door remotely.
  17. Wearable Health Tracker: Monitor and display fitness metrics through the dashboard.
  18. Smart Vending Machine: Dispense products through a web-controlled vending machine.
  19. Home Brewery Controller: Control temperature and brewing process for home brewing.
  20. Automated Blinds: Control blinds or curtains remotely.
  21. Smart Coffee Maker: Brew coffee remotely with customizable settings.
  22. Water Quality Monitoring: Measure and display parameters of water quality.
  23. Remote Music Player: Play music on a remote device via the web dashboard.
  24. Attendance System: Record and display attendance using RFID cards.
  25. Home Entertainment Control: Control TVs, speakers, and entertainment systems.
  26. Smart Fan Control: Adjust fan speed and direction remotely.
  27. IoT Pet Tracker: Monitor your pet’s location and activity through a GPS-enabled device.
  28. Automated Plant Care System: Monitor and control multiple aspects of plant care.
  29. Smart Kitchen Appliances: Control kitchen devices like ovens, microwaves, and more.
  30. Watering System for Potted Plants: Automatically water potted plants based on soil moisture.
  31. Remote Printing System: Send documents to a remote printer.
  32. Parcel Delivery Locker: Create a locker system for secure package delivery.
  33. Automated Curtains for Plant Growth: Adjust curtains to optimize indoor plant growth.
  34. Smart Power Strip: Turn individual outlets on/off remotely.
  35. Waste Management System: Monitor and optimize waste bin levels for collection.
  36. Home Laboratory Automation: Control lab equipment remotely.
  37. Smart Mirror for Fitness: Display workout data and routines.
  38. Home Hydroponics System: Monitor and control hydroponic setups.
  39. Livestock Monitoring System: Monitor animal health on farms.
  40. Remote Telescope Control: Control telescope settings and view celestial objects remotely.
  41. Smart Clock: Display time, alarms, and timers with remote control.
  42. Elderly Care Monitoring: Monitor daily activities of elderly individuals.
  43. Home Weather Forecasting: Analyze local weather data and display forecasts.
  44. Smart Weight Scale: Record and display weight data over time.
  45. IoT Smoke Detector: Detect smoke and send alerts through the web dashboard.
  46. Remote Pet Grooming System: Control pet grooming devices remotely.
  47. Automated Hydroponic Feeding: Control nutrient levels in hydroponic systems.
  48. Remote Control Car: Drive a remote-controlled car via the web dashboard.
  49. Smart Plant Disease Detection: Detect diseases in plants using image recognition.
  50. Home Brewery Recipe Sharing: Share and control brewing recipes through the dashboard.
  51. IoT-based Parking System: Monitor and reserve parking spaces.
  52. Smart Waste Bin: Monitor and optimize public trash bin collection.
  53. Remote Fish Feeder: Feed fish in aquariums remotely.
  54. Automated Book/Page Turner: Turn book pages remotely for people with disabilities.
  55. Home Composting System: Monitor and optimize home composting setups.
  56. Smart Classroom System: Monitor classroom environment and equipment remotely.
  57. Remote-Controlled Toy Robot: Control a robot toy via the web dashboard.
  58. Automated Cat Litter Box: Monitor and clean a cat litter box remotely.
  59. IoT-based Air Purifier: Control air purification settings and monitor air quality.
  60. Home Hydroponic Garden: Monitor and control an indoor hydroponic garden.
  61. Remote-Controlled Drone: Control a drone’s flight using the dashboard.
  62. Smart Umbrella Stand: Monitor and display weather information before leaving home.
  63. Automated Pet Door: Control pet access to the house remotely.
  64. IoT-enabled Therapeutic Devices: Control and monitor medical devices.
  65. Smart Sunlight Simulator: Simulate natural sunlight changes for indoor plants.
  66. Remote-Controlled Fan Robot: Build a robot with a fan for remote cooling.
  67. IoT-based Baby Monitor: Monitor and display baby’s room conditions.
  68. Automated Wine Cellar: Monitor and control wine storage conditions.
  69. Web-Controlled RC Plane: Fly an RC plane using the web dashboard.
  70. Smart Pedometer: Track steps and physical activity levels.
  71. IoT-based Ecosystem Simulator: Simulate and monitor different ecosystems.
  72. Remote-Controlled Home Gym Equipment: Control workout machines remotely.
  73. Smart Chess Board: Play chess remotely with others via the web dashboard.
  74. IoT-based Indoor Navigation System: Navigate indoors using the dashboard.
  75. Remote-Controlled Fan Array: Create patterns and airflow remotely with fans.
  76. Automated Fermentation System: Monitor and control fermentation processes.
  77. IoT-enabled Beehive Monitoring: Monitor beehive conditions and activities.
  78. Remote-Controlled Water Gun: Play with water remotely using a web-controlled water gun.
  79. Smart E-Book Reader: Control and read e-books remotely.
  80. IoT-based Classroom Attendance: Monitor and track student attendance.
  81. Automated Art Display: Control art pieces’ lighting and rotation remotely.
  82. IoT-based Plant Growth Chamber: Monitor and control specialized plant growth chambers.
  83. Remote-Controlled Mini Rovers: Explore small spaces using web-controlled rovers.
  84. Smart Language Learning Device: Assist in language learning through the dashboard.
  85. IoT-based Wine Dispenser: Dispense wine and monitor the collection.
  86. Remote-Controlled Robot Arm: Control a robot arm remotely for various tasks.
  87. Automated Hydroponic Nutrient Mixer: Mix and adjust nutrient solutions remotely.
  88. IoT-enabled Smart Whiteboard: Control and display content on a whiteboard remotely.
  89. Web-Controlled RC Boat: Navigate a remote-controlled boat using the dashboard.
  90. Smart Language Translation Device: Translate speech and text through the dashboard.
  91. IoT-based Inventory Management: Monitor and manage inventory levels.
  92. Remote-Controlled RC Helicopter: Fly a remote-controlled helicopter via the web.
  93. Automated Cocktail Mixer: Mix and dispense cocktails remotely.
  94. IoT-enabled Classroom Interaction System: Engage students using the dashboard.
  95. Web-Controlled Model Train: Control a model train set remotely.
  96. Smart Language Pronunciation Trainer: Aid in language pronunciation via the dashboard.
  97. IoT-based Food Quality Monitor: Monitor and track food storage conditions.
  98. Automated Bartender System: Mix and serve drinks using the dashboard.
  99. IoT-enabled Smart Grid System: Monitor and optimize electrical grid components.
  100. Web-Controlled Drone Racing: Race drones remotely using the web dashboard.

Remember that the complexity of these projects can vary widely, so it’s important to choose a project that aligns with your skills and resources. Additionally, make sure to research the specific requirements and components needed for each project to ensure its feasibility.

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