In this post I am going to make a list of 100 projects which could be implemented with ESP8266 or ESP32 or Raspberry Pi Pico W. These are IoT based Projects.

  1. Home Automation System: Control lights, fans, and appliances remotely through the web dashboard.
  2. Weather Station: Read and display temperature, humidity, and other weather data using sensors.
  3. Smart Irrigation System: Monitor soil moisture and water your plants remotely.
  4. Security Camera System: Build a simple security camera using a microcontroller and stream footage to the web dashboard.
  5. Smart Door Lock: Create a web-controlled door locking system.
  6. Vehicle Tracking System: Track the location of a vehicle and display it on the dashboard.
  7. Pet Feeding System: Dispense food for your pets remotely through the web dashboard.
  8. Greenhouse Monitoring: Monitor temperature, humidity, and light levels in a greenhouse.
  9. Home Energy Monitor: Measure and display energy consumption in real-time.
  10. Smart Mirror: Create a mirror that displays information like time, weather, and notifications.
  11. Aquarium Controller: Control lighting, temperature, and feeding for an aquarium.
  12. Health Monitoring System: Measure and display vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure.
  13. Smart Thermostat: Control your home’s heating and cooling remotely.
  14. Smart Plant Watering System: Water your plants based on soil moisture levels.
  15. Automated Pet Toy: Create a robotic pet toy that can be controlled via the web dashboard.
  16. Garage Door Opener: Open and close your garage door remotely.
  17. Wearable Health Tracker: Monitor and display fitness metrics through the dashboard.
  18. Smart Vending Machine: Dispense products through a web-controlled vending machine.
  19. Home Brewery Controller: Control temperature and brewing process for home brewing.
  20. Automated Blinds: Control blinds or curtains remotely.
  21. Smart Coffee Maker: Brew coffee remotely with customizable settings.
  22. Water Quality Monitoring: Measure and display parameters of water quality.
  23. Remote Music Player: Play music on a remote device via the web dashboard.
  24. Attendance System: Record and display attendance using RFID cards.
  25. Home Entertainment Control: Control TVs, speakers, and entertainment systems.
  26. Smart Fan Control: Adjust fan speed and direction remotely.
  27. IoT Pet Tracker: Monitor your pet’s location and activity through a GPS-enabled device.
  28. Automated Plant Care System: Monitor and control multiple aspects of plant care.
  29. Smart Kitchen Appliances: Control kitchen devices like ovens, microwaves, and more.
  30. Watering System for Potted Plants: Automatically water potted plants based on soil moisture.
  31. Remote Printing System: Send documents to a remote printer.
  32. Parcel Delivery Locker: Create a locker system for secure package delivery.
  33. Automated Curtains for Plant Growth: Adjust curtains to optimize indoor plant growth.
  34. Smart Power Strip: Turn individual outlets on/off remotely.
  35. Waste Management System: Monitor and optimize waste bin levels for collection.
  36. Home Laboratory Automation: Control lab equipment remotely.
  37. Smart Mirror for Fitness: Display workout data and routines.
  38. Home Hydroponics System: Monitor and control hydroponic setups.
  39. Livestock Monitoring System: Monitor animal health on farms.
  40. Remote Telescope Control: Control telescope settings and view celestial objects remotely.
  41. Smart Clock: Display time, alarms, and timers with remote control.
  42. Elderly Care Monitoring: Monitor daily activities of elderly individuals.
  43. Home Weather Forecasting: Analyze local weather data and display forecasts.
  44. Smart Weight Scale: Record and display weight data over time.
  45. IoT Smoke Detector: Detect smoke and send alerts through the web dashboard.
  46. Remote Pet Grooming System: Control pet grooming devices remotely.
  47. Automated Hydroponic Feeding: Control nutrient levels in hydroponic systems.
  48. Remote Control Car: Drive a remote-controlled car via the web dashboard.
  49. Smart Plant Disease Detection: Detect diseases in plants using image recognition.
  50. Home Brewery Recipe Sharing: Share and control brewing recipes through the dashboard.
  51. IoT-based Parking System: Monitor and reserve parking spaces.
  52. Smart Waste Bin: Monitor and optimize public trash bin collection.
  53. Remote Fish Feeder: Feed fish in aquariums remotely.
  54. Automated Book/Page Turner: Turn book pages remotely for people with disabilities.
  55. Home Composting System: Monitor and optimize home composting setups.
  56. Smart Classroom System: Monitor classroom environment and equipment remotely.
  57. Remote-Controlled Toy Robot: Control a robot toy via the web dashboard.
  58. Automated Cat Litter Box: Monitor and clean a cat litter box remotely.
  59. IoT-based Air Purifier: Control air purification settings and monitor air quality.
  60. Home Hydroponic Garden: Monitor and control an indoor hydroponic garden.
  61. Remote-Controlled Drone: Control a drone’s flight using the dashboard.
  62. Smart Umbrella Stand: Monitor and display weather information before leaving home.
  63. Automated Pet Door: Control pet access to the house remotely.
  64. IoT-enabled Therapeutic Devices: Control and monitor medical devices.
  65. Smart Sunlight Simulator: Simulate natural sunlight changes for indoor plants.
  66. Remote-Controlled Fan Robot: Build a robot with a fan for remote cooling.
  67. IoT-based Baby Monitor: Monitor and display baby’s room conditions.
  68. Automated Wine Cellar: Monitor and control wine storage conditions.
  69. Web-Controlled RC Plane: Fly an RC plane using the web dashboard.
  70. Smart Pedometer: Track steps and physical activity levels.
  71. IoT-based Ecosystem Simulator: Simulate and monitor different ecosystems.
  72. Remote-Controlled Home Gym Equipment: Control workout machines remotely.
  73. Smart Chess Board: Play chess remotely with others via the web dashboard.
  74. IoT-based Indoor Navigation System: Navigate indoors using the dashboard.
  75. Remote-Controlled Fan Array: Create patterns and airflow remotely with fans.
  76. Automated Fermentation System: Monitor and control fermentation processes.
  77. IoT-enabled Beehive Monitoring: Monitor beehive conditions and activities.
  78. Remote-Controlled Water Gun: Play with water remotely using a web-controlled water gun.
  79. Smart E-Book Reader: Control and read e-books remotely.
  80. IoT-based Classroom Attendance: Monitor and track student attendance.
  81. Automated Art Display: Control art pieces’ lighting and rotation remotely.
  82. IoT-based Plant Growth Chamber: Monitor and control specialized plant growth chambers.
  83. Remote-Controlled Mini Rovers: Explore small spaces using web-controlled rovers.
  84. Smart Language Learning Device: Assist in language learning through the dashboard.
  85. IoT-based Wine Dispenser: Dispense wine and monitor the collection.
  86. Remote-Controlled Robot Arm: Control a robot arm remotely for various tasks.
  87. Automated Hydroponic Nutrient Mixer: Mix and adjust nutrient solutions remotely.
  88. IoT-enabled Smart Whiteboard: Control and display content on a whiteboard remotely.
  89. Web-Controlled RC Boat: Navigate a remote-controlled boat using the dashboard.
  90. Smart Language Translation Device: Translate speech and text through the dashboard.
  91. IoT-based Inventory Management: Monitor and manage inventory levels.
  92. Remote-Controlled RC Helicopter: Fly a remote-controlled helicopter via the web.
  93. Automated Cocktail Mixer: Mix and dispense cocktails remotely.
  94. IoT-enabled Classroom Interaction System: Engage students using the dashboard.
  95. Web-Controlled Model Train: Control a model train set remotely.
  96. Smart Language Pronunciation Trainer: Aid in language pronunciation via the dashboard.
  97. IoT-based Food Quality Monitor: Monitor and track food storage conditions.
  98. Automated Bartender System: Mix and serve drinks using the dashboard.
  99. IoT-enabled Smart Grid System: Monitor and optimize electrical grid components.
  100. Web-Controlled Drone Racing: Race drones remotely using the web dashboard.

Remember that the complexity of these projects can vary widely, so it’s important to choose a project that aligns with your skills and resources. Additionally, make sure to research the specific requirements and components needed for each project to ensure its feasibility.

By Abdul Rehman

My name is Abdul Rehman and I love to do Reasearch in Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Engineering related fields. With 10+ years of experience in Research and Development field in Embedded systems I touched lot of technologies including Web development, and Mobile Application development. Now with the help of Social Presence, I like to share my knowledge and to document everything I learned and still learning.

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