Arduino library in protues

Proteus is widely used among embedded system developers for simulation. It is easy to use simulator from PCB Design and Circuit Simulator Software – Proteus ( You can easily simulate various electronic circuits as well as embedded systems with it. We also used this in our previous post regarding LED blinking codes where we demonstrated the code simulations with Proteus. After the most widely used Proteus 7, things has moved to more latest Proteus version 8.

Today we are focusing on very specific problem which is to install the Arduino Library to Proteus 8 simulator. Although, the Arduino use the Atmega328 microcontroller which is available in the Proteus 8 libraries, but the specific Arduino Library will make it easier to use the same pin numbering from Arduino Style headers and you do not have to manually remember the Arduino pin mappings.

Now let’s don’t waste time and get started to add the Arduino Library in your Proteus 8. We assume that you have already installed the Proteus 8 and you have valid license and it is working in your computer for other simulations. It is also better if you already tested some kind of LED blinking code with atmega328 microcontroller with it.

Download Arduino Library for Proteus

Now that you had installed the Proteus, moves to the download link and download the Arduino libraries for Proteus. There is another very famous cyberponk/Arduino-Library-for-Proteus: Arduino Library for Proteus ( from GitHub. You can use that, but I don’t personally use these libraries. I used one old simula style Arduino library the download link I just forgot now. So, I put this here for easy to access.

There are also other alternatives of Arduino libraries download links which you can use and the installation process it same for all of above. Arduino Proteus Simulation Attachments.rar – Google Drive is another download link for the Arduino libraries for proteus.

Copy Arduino Library to Proteus Library Folder

Once you downloaded the library files, all you have to do is to extract the files. You will get two files under these downloaded folders. These two files are for model definitions for your proteus to understand. You need to copy both files and place them to the library folder under your Proteus download location. In my case this location is under this path.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\"

Navigate to this folder location and copy the files to that DATA\LIBRARY folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\DATA\LIBRARY

Inside this library folder just copy both of your downloaded Arduino libraries for proteus files.

Arduino Library for proteus
Arduino Library for Proteus files

Include Arduino to your Proteus Simulation

Restart your proteus 8 and create a new schematic file after creating a new project. In that new project where you want to create the Arduino simulation, just click on add component button and from the search bar search for the Arduino. It will show you the Arduino board like shown in the image below.

Arduino library in proteus
Arduino library in proteus components list

Congratulations! you have successfully installed the Arduino library in your proteus. You are good to create your first simulation with Arduino board in the proteus.

By Abdul Rehman

My name is Abdul Rehman and I love to do Reasearch in Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Engineering related fields. With 10+ years of experience in Research and Development field in Embedded systems I touched lot of technologies including Web development, and Mobile Application development. Now with the help of Social Presence, I like to share my knowledge and to document everything I learned and still learning.

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