For Loop in Kotlin

Iterating through collection of items are very common problem in any programming language. But when it comes to latest modern programming languages like Kotlin, this task became more fancy and more options become handy to do different type of iterations. Today we are going to take a deeper look into different version of for loops that could be used in Kotlin Programming Language. 

Iterating through Arrays

var language = arrayOf("Ruby", "Koltin", "Python" "Java")
for (item in language){
}Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Iterate with For loop

 val json = JSONArray(result)
 for (i in 0 until json.length()) {

Simple For loop

for (i in 1..15) print(i)Code language: CSS (css)

Decrement For loop

for (i in 15..1) print(i) 
for (i in 25 downTo 1) print(i)
Code language: PHP (php)

For loop with step

for (i in 1..5 step 2) print(i)
for (i in 5 downTo 1 step 2) print(i)Code language: PHP (php)

Foreach like loop with indices

var mystr= "This is Kotlin String"
for (singleChar in mystr.indices) {
/*this will print single character per line*/
}Code language: JavaScript (javascript)