Natural Language Processing or NLP is rapidly growing Research Field. There is lot of potential in this field. This is all about processing the way how humans speaks and communicate with each other. Natural languages are as complex as humans are. Because we, as Human can understand each other’s point of view with many different ways. We also very fond of using short notations and different Area specific phrases to interpret our meanings and visuals. 

When it comes to computers, who are totally relay on Mathematical computation, This task suddenly became very problematic to make computer understand what human want to tell them or which sentence should be interpreted into which meaning? Thus opens a vast variety and opportunity for researchers into this field.  

Although there are lot of works already done in this field but this field is not gonna end as there are lot of human languages out there in world that it is defiantly requires lot of skilled man power from that specific language domain to translate all developed methods for other languages. Lot of work which is already done in this field is only specific to mostly English. Although companies like Google and Microsoft invest lot of money into other languages as well. Yet the number of languages are limited. 

So if you want to do research on this field there is lot of potential in it. You can pick your own Native language and could apply pre-built techniques to that language. NLP Famous Algorithms

By Abdul Rehman

My name is Abdul Rehman and I love to do Reasearch in Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Engineering related fields. With 10+ years of experience in Research and Development field in Embedded systems I touched lot of technologies including Web development, and Mobile Application development. Now with the help of Social Presence, I like to share my knowledge and to document everything I learned and still learning.

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