Raspberry Pi Pico is a small and high-speed microcontroller unit (MCU) with RP2040. It is a versatile and powerful development board brought out by the Raspberry Foundation. It uses MicroPython or C language for programming. Raspberry Pi Pico is the newest additive to the beginner-friendly Raspberry Pi family and we are already expecting some inspiring ideas to have fun with them. We also hope that you are excited to start your experiments with our below-mentioned Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners

We are going to share some of the simplest ideas that must be helpful for beginners to work with fast Raspberry Pi Pico boards. Stay with us and have inspiration for your upcoming projects. Also before getting started check this official getting started guide.

Flashing LED

                        Flashing an LED is not an exciting or new thing now, but projects like this are just a cherry pie to get run. LEDs have become so popular for decoration purposes. Create custom LED decorations with Raspberry Pi Pico to create a perfect mood in your bedrooms. 

Working: You can change the color, brightness, and timing of these LEDs by writing a simple code and using a button. We can easily build such projects with raspberry pi.  

 Button controlled Stepper motor

This is one of easier project among Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners.

Structure: It needs just three switches and Pico to direct the action of the stepper motor. 

Functionality: Two buttons control the rotation of the motor in either direction. And the third button is responsible for bringing it back to its starting position. Moreover, the third button also works as a reset button. You will have to hold it down for two seconds to adjust the current position of the motor to its initial position. 

Automatic Fan Control

Are you tired of repeatedly waking up during the night because of feeling hot? Temperature-sensor automatic fans can solve this problem. Raspberry Pi Pico microcontrollers can create this fan easily. The speed of the fan raises automatically to keep you sleeping uninterrupted. This is one of the wonderful and easiest Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners to start with it. 

Working: It requires a temperature sensor to detect the temperatures from the surroundings. R-Pi Pico observes the temperature of the surroundings and turns on the fan when the program criteria are met. Additionally, you can also add an LCD to this project to show the values of temperature.

Obstacle avoidance robot

            By using R-Pi Pico, such robot toys can be created which are programmed to never collide with any object while moving. 

Working: The robot feels the obstacles in its surroundings with the help of ultrasonic sensors. It then evaluates the distance of all nearby objects from their current location. It compares the values of distances of all objects and then moves. The movement happens in that direction where the value of the distance is greater between the obstacle and the sensor. Robot stops at once if the space between the obstacle and the sensor is less than the pre-measured value. Then it again senses a new direction to continue its movement. By working so, the robot or toy never clashes with any object present in its surroundings.

Raspberry Pi Pico based Snake game

You might be familiar with many R-Pi Pico games but this simple game is one of the exciting Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners. It is quite a simple snake game.

Working: In the game, the snake does not move in a flat straight line rather it slithers around ceaselessly. The snake game includes 4 buttons to operate the game. This project contains a small OLED screen for the display of the game. There is an egg that appears in the game on different points. The snake moves behind the eggs to eat them. After eating each egg, the snake gets longer and longer. However, the speed of the game also increases with the increasing length of the snake. 

Liquid Level Monitoring System

Raspberry Pi Pico shows its abilities in many useful applications. A computerized liquid level monitoring system is one of Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners. This monitoring system is extensively used to ascertain water and oil levels in storage houses. 


This project involves an ultrasonic sensor to evaluate the distance of the water level in the container. The emitter of the sensor emits ultrasonic waves which come back to the receiver of the sensor after reflection. When the waves hit the water level it reflects back. We note down the reflection time and calculate the level accordingly.

            You can also use this project along with other systems. Like getting the notification of water level on your mobile etc. Or you may join a motor with it to automatically fill up that container again. 


We hope you liked and enjoyed our above ideas of Raspberry Pi Pico projects for beginners. . You will see that you may modify these projects as per your requirements. That’s the magic of creativity! So what will be your first project with Pico? How many more things can you create with it?

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