Introduction to Pico

Pico is a new addition to microcontrollers that allows you to develop such hardware projects in which code directly runs on the chip and doesn’t need any conventional operating system. Before discussing the Top Raspberry Pi Pico Projects in 2021, I would like to highlight the features and working of Raspberry Pi Pico hardware in detail.

 Raspberry Pi Pico is a cheap microcontroller board with higher performance and a revolutionary change from the earlier Raspberry Pi boards which are Linux computers. It comes with compliant digital interfaces that can be used in many projects like cameras needing projects, data logging, environment sensors, and small-scale robotic projects, etc. Raspberry Pi Pico contains GPIO pins that are capable to get input from multiple electronic devices. “Pico” is just in the name; actually it’s mega in its capability.  They are best to use by beginners because code runs in it directly. 

If you are just getting started, We already have beginner’s friendly projects list of Raspberry pi pico.

 Basic major features: 

  • Set up on silicon and produced by Raspberry Foundation in the U.K.
  • ARM Cortex M0+ fast dual-core processor
  • RP2040 microcontroller chip
  • Adjustable clock running up to 133 MHz
  • 8 PIO (Programmable input/output)

 List of Pico Projects

Let’s have a look at the Top Raspberry Pi Pico Projects in 2021 to show you the power and possibilities of these tiny microcontroller boards. 

Smart Glasses with AI Hand Gestures 

                        Technology has made progress to such an extent that now you can control anything by just waving your hand. Raspberry Pi Pico offers an amazing project of smart glasses in this regard that uses artificial intelligence to identify hand gestures and prompt anything you want. This creation is extremely beneficial for users with disabilities. Moreover, these projects can also be used to make the moments fun.

Music Box with Pi Pico

                        As music is a repeating microcontroller application so if you are a music lover and want to create a wonderful music box as your project, the GPIO functionality of Pico is an easy-going move on that idea. 

Keyboard Shortcuts Keypad with Pi Pico

                        Raspberry Pi Pico is extremely useful for its fast performance and produces projects to save our immense time. This shortcut keyboard makes our tasks quicker when we are working on various programs on our computer at the same time. You can choose and set up twelve different keyboard shortcuts on this keypad. It contains a toggle switch that lets you redirect between programs. Keys are updated depending upon the selected application to work on it.


Weather Station

                        Create your own weather station with such ease that would be just a thought before. It can exhibit readings collected from the environment through a microcontroller for temperature, pressure, and humidity. Moreover, this data can be sync with a local server and you can access these readings on any device at any time by using the local network. 

Raspberry Pi Pico piano

                        Raspberry Pi Pico gives music lovers a great opportunity to build their own instruments quite easily in very cheap methods. It is one of the entertaining inventions among the Top Raspberry Pi Pico Projects in 2021. You just resistors and few others things for this and here you go!  This project is an outstanding example of the creativity that will amaze you. 



                        You can develop a fantastic port of microgames series on the Pico boards. This fun project serves as a great opportunity to learn about moving designs from multiple platforms. 

R-Pi Pico Clock

                        Nothing is more precious than time. Now build your own clock using the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller and utilize your time wisely. It contains five skins to display time contrastingly. This small device also features a stopwatch and timer. Bitmap animations can also be added to make the display attractive for a predefined time. 



                        Microcontrollers have surprised people with their magical uses and functions. Robotics is one of the Top Raspberry Pi Pico Projects in 2021. Building robots have become so easy with Pico’s I/O capabilities. Additionally, various Pico-compatible add-ons make robotics even easier. SMARS robot, line following robot, and obstacle avoidance robots have embraced the Pico candidly.

 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

                                    Vacuum cleaners are a convenient and essential addition to every home. But this is an expensive household accessory. So build your own automatic vacuum cleaner for much less by using Raspberry Pi Pico instead. It uses ultrasonic and infrared sensors to detect the distances from hurdles and also forbids itself from slipping down the stairs.

 Point-to-Point Railway Model

        When we need to move something from an initial point to an endpoint and then repeat this process over and over again, Raspberry Pi Pico helps us in this regard. In this project, a train starts to move from a fixed initial point at a fixed time with slow speed. After some fixed time, it passes through a sensor and grabs speed. Then the train moves towards its destination and before reaching the endpoint, it passes through a sensor again which makes its speed slow to accomplish its one ride. The train stops for a specific time and starts the same process to reach again to its initial point. 



            So these were some of the Top Raspberry Pi Pico Projects in 2021 we have shared with you from all across the globe. We hope you found these ideas interesting and useful. Do try of building these projects with few or many modifications as you would like or depending upon your requirements. If you also have some better different ideas, do share them with us. 

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