Today we are going to make a list of required libraries while doing web development using Flask framework in python.

**Here are 20 must-learn libraries for Flask development, presented without explanation:**

1. Flask-SQLAlchemy
2. Flask-WTF
3. Flask-Login
4. Flask-Mail
5. Flask-Migrate
6. Flask-RESTful
7. Flask-JWT-Extended
8. Flask-Babel
9. Flask-SocketIO
10. Flask-Caching
11. Flask-Testing
12. Flask-DebugToolbar
13. Flask-Compress
14. Flask-Bootstrap
15. Flask-Moment
16. Flask-Admin
17. Flask-Marshmallow
18. Flask-Cors
19. Flask-WTF-CSRFProtect
20. Flask-OAuthlib

1. **Flask-Flaskify**: Simplifies and standardizes Flask app structure.
2. **Flask-Session**: Manages user sessions for your Flask application.
3. **Flask-Moment-Timezone**: Enables timezone aware datetime handling.
4. **Flask-PyMongo**: Interacts with MongoDB databases seamlessly.
5. **Flask-Redis**: Integrates with Redis for caching or message queuing.
6. **Flask-Limiter**: Throttles requests to prevent abuse or overload.
7. **Flask-OAuth2Login**: Handles Oauth logins from popular providers.
8. **Flask-WTF-Extra**: Adds additional validation and field types to Flask-WTF forms.
9. **Flask-User**: Provides user account management functionality.
10. **Flask-Debugbar**: Offers an advanced debugging toolbar for Flask apps.
11. **Flask-Assets**: Manages static assets like JavaScript and CSS efficiently.
12. **Flask-Cors**: Enables Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for API access.
13. **Flask-Migrate**: Simplifies database schema migrations.
14. **Flask-GoogleAuth**: Integrates Google authentication services.
15. **Flask-RQ**: Enables background task processing with Redis queues.
16. **Flask-APScheduler**: Schedules tasks to run periodically within your Flask app.
17. **Flask-Hunt**: Efficiently handles form validations with automated error highlighting.
18. Flask-CKEditor: Integrates the WYSIWYG CKEditor for rich text editing.
19. Flask-WTF-Recaptcha: Adds Google reCAPTCHA to forms for spam prevention.
20. Flask-PyJWT: Simplifies JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and the best libraries for your Flask project will depend on your specific needs and goals.

By Abdul Rehman

My name is Abdul Rehman and I love to do Reasearch in Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Engineering related fields. With 10+ years of experience in Research and Development field in Embedded systems I touched lot of technologies including Web development, and Mobile Application development. Now with the help of Social Presence, I like to share my knowledge and to document everything I learned and still learning.

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